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Redding Home Remodel Tips

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What You Can Expect From Your Redding Construction Company During the New Home Building Process

Rumson, New JerseyAfter spending hours and hours searching, you may have realized that your dream house isn’t anywhere to be found on the market and that the only way to fulfill what you want in a home is to have it built. This is a great decision for many homeowners, especially those that aren’t in a rush to move in. Breaking ground on a new home is exciting but you may also be reluctant to hand over the reigns and fully trust your Redding construction company if you aren’t really sure what to expect. Below is a general guideline describing the key phases of the new home building process so you can stay up-to-date on what’s happening at all times.

Finalize a Design

Once you’ve chosen a location, you will need to finalize your floor plan and design before your construction company can get started. Formulate a clear perspective on what is suitable for your budget, lifestyle and the land you’ve selected. The size and number of bedrooms and bathrooms and the layout of your kitchen and living room are probably the most important areas to focus on.

Foundation and Framework

Now the lot can be cleared and prepared and the foundation poured, which is the first chance you’ll have to see your home actually getting off the ground. After a solid foundation has been formed, the framework will begin, and this is where your new home will start to take shape. As the skeleton of your walls, door frames, roofing, etc. progresses, you will be able to visualize your floor plan coming together.

Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC and Insulation Installations

This is one of the more critical chapters in the building process. The electrical wiring, plumbing, insulation and HVAC system of a house determines how comfortable the living environment turns out to be and also significantly affects maintenance and utility costs later on down the road. The contractors will perform all these installations before the drywall is completed.


Keep in mind that throughout the previous stages, there will be several inspections before moving on to further development. This is to ensure that everything is in compliance with building codes and regulations as well as meets your satisfaction, and it avoids getting too deep in the process only to find out something was done incorrectly.

Interior Finishings

Interior finishings is usually the fun part for most homeowners. This is where you work with your construction company on particular design aspects, such as fireplaces, cabinetry, flooring systems, lighting fixtures, countertops, staircases, window treatments, etc. The home will start to show signs of your personal style, which can be elaborated on further with paint and decor.

The length of time the process takes and specific procedures used will vary from home to home, but this should give you a good idea of what you can expect when working with your Redding construction company to build the home of your dreams.