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Redding Home Remodel Tips

Flipping A House Guy

Why You Should Choose a General Contractor in Redding to Complete Your Project

flipping a house guyYou’ve decided to add a west wing to your house, tear out the 1970s wood paneling in your hallway, and redo the entire kitchen in a color scheme other than orange and brown. Before you get overwhelmed about the prospect of doing this all yourself or sorting through all the independent contractors out there, consider the benefits of hiring a Redding general contractor.

He’s Done It Before…

…and you haven’t, or if you have, you know it’s a massive project. What would take you three years will take him three months. A general contractor has invested time and resources into becoming skilled at his trade. If you consider the value of your time, your cost may be about the same. Save yourself the stress and find a trusted professional who can oversee the project for you.

You Have to Know a Lot to Do It Yourself

Unless you’ve built a house single-handedly before, you will inevitably run into an area — for instance, plumbing infrastructure — that you haven’t handled before. Imagine a sewer pipe connection gone wrong or an electrical wire snafu or a floor that ends up sloping or sagging. Things can go wrong and, if you’re in charge of the project, you’ll be the one fixing it or even sorting it out with the city, neighbors, or housing association.

You Don’t Have to Navigate Permits, Codes, and Inspections

This area, by itself, can be daunting. Have you recently looked at your city’s exhaustive list of permits, codes, and inspections required for home improvement projects? Do you dislike paperwork? If you miss a permit or violate a code, you may incur fines or may even be asked to redo the project or tear it down altogether. A general contractor can handle the technical details and paperwork that are required so that your project can run more smoothly.

He Has Help

A general contractor will have a crew or subcontractors to help him get the job done. He will do the legwork to hire, schedule, oversee, and pay his crew and subcontractors. You, on the other hand, will either be doing it by yourself or depending on the generosity of family and friends to help you do the project. (After all, how are you going to get the beam up to the second story?)

He Has the Tools and Equipment

Do you own a backhoe, bobcat, drill, saw, or ladder? If not, you would need to prepare for the substantial cost of renting, borrowing, or purchasing these things. A contractor already owns or has access to them.

If you select a Redding general contractor with positive reviews and references, your home improvement project will be in good hands. You will be able to continue living your normal life while your home is transformed or expanded into the home of your dreams.