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Redding Home Remodel Tips

LeBlanc Construction photo of man on ladder and working on house construction in Phoenix AZ in August 2012

5 Questions to Ask Your Redding Contractor

LeBlanc Construction photo of man on ladder and working on house construction in Phoenix AZ in August 2012Whether you are remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, adding on to another area of your house, or getting ready to build the house of your dreams, choosing the right Redding contractor will make all the difference in the world, and determine the type of experience you’re going to have. Building and remodeling is a big investment and you want to ensure everything turns out just the way you imagined, with as little headache as possible. A great contractor will walk you through every step of the process. The best way to learn exactly what you can expect throughout the progress of your construction project is to discuss the following questions before work begins.

What is the Projected Timeline?

This can be a tough question but it’s important to know, and a question you should continue asking, throughout the construction process. Your contractor will be able to give you a guesstimate, but your contractor should also let you know if the timeline changes throughout construction. Ask your contractor to give you the “worst case scenario” so you can be pleasantly surprised instead of disappointed.

What Safety Precautions Will You Take?

Before your home becomes a construction zone, you’ll want to inquire about how your contractor plans to handle the issue of safety. Are all work people on site required to wear certain safety gear? Is everyone covered under work comp? Find out if you will need to move things out of the way and into another room or if it will be sufficient enough to have furniture and other items covered.

Do You Foresee Any Challenges or Complications With My Project?

Remember that “worst case scenario” we were discussing before? It applies here as well. Especially when you are remodeling, a lot can change after the walls are uncovered and you find issues you didn’t know were there. Trying to foresee any issues, and having a plan to move past them, is a critical step in ensuring a project goes well, and a seasoned contractor will be able to identify potential pitfalls early in the process.

Who Will I Be Seeing/Communicating With Every Day?

From the get-go, you need to know who is going to talk to you when things are going well and when things are going… not-so-well. Your contractor should be overseeing your entire project, and in most cases, they will be the one to communicate with you throughout the project, but on some bigger projects, a project manager or business manager handles client communications. It’s important to make sure you know what the dynamic is before the project gets started. If you aren’t comfortable with the arrangement, speak up early!

How Do You Handle Unforeseen Expenses?

Unforeseen expenses are a scary and inevitable part of construction. The question is, how will your contractor handle them and communicate them with you? Hint: Make sure you have an emergency budget included in your construction budget. Worst case scenario, you have funds to cover an unforeseen expense. Best case scenario, you have some extra spending money to decorate your new space.

Remember, choosing the right contractor for your Redding construction project is the first step to ensuring your dream becomes a beautiful reality. Let’s get to work!