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Redding Home Remodel Tips

Photo of a dark wood kitchen remodeled by Ackerman Construction

Kitchen Remodels – Where to Start


Kitchen Remodels – Where to Start – Part One


Decide on a Style

The first step in remodeling your kitchen is to decide on the style you want your kitchen to have.  You can find many ideas in many places. Looking through magazines, books, watching home interior shows and searching the internet are a few places where you can find ideas and schemes.  When you visit friends and family members, look at their kitchens with an eye to what you would like to assimilate into your own plan.  When possible, tear out the pages of kitchens you like; where that is not possible, take a picture with your camera.  You will want to write down any impressions you have on your likes and dislikes about a specific design.

You will want to keep a record of the pictures and notes you have collected.  Keep a list of colors, textures and materials you like.  This will be very helpful when explaining what you want done and how you want it to look when you are ready to hire your contractor.  Plus this will allow you to visualize yourself in your new kitchen. This new kitchen space is to be your space – a place where you enjoy being.  Take the time to get as many ideas as you can.  As you do this, a specific type of kitchen will evolve – leaving you with a definite idea on your dream kitchen.


Next we will discuss your purpose for your remodel.