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Redding Home Remodel Tips

Photo of a living room with large windows

3 Home Design and Remodel Trends Redding Contractors Are Seeing This Year

Photo of a living room with large windowsWhether you’re planning to break ground on a new home or have some much-needed renovations done, it’s exciting to think of what the final outcome will be. Of course, the whole point of doing either of these is to customize your residence according to your personal tastes and preferences, but you may also be interested to learn of some of the current trends and ideas that other homeowners are incorporating into their designs and remodels. Below are some of the most common requests made of Redding contractors.

Going Green

The “green” craze is most certainly here to stay. Many people are choosing to be more environmentally friendly in different areas of their lives, including home construction. Sustainable decisions can be made in everything from building materials to appliances, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint, conserve water, be more energy efficient and save on utility bills. Eco-friendly homes can offer numerous incentives and provide a healthier environment to live in. Think about adding solar panels to your roof, investing in Energy Star appliances and windows, installing a dual flush toilet, etc.

Getting High Tech

Just as our phones have become smarter and smarter with advancements in technology, so have our homes. If you consider yourself to be on the tech savvy side and you’re someone who can appreciate the latest gadgets, creating a “smart home” may be quite appealing to you. Keyless entries, touchless faucets, handle-less kitchen cabinets and appliances and Wi-Fi enabled heating and air conditioning systems are just some of the features contractors are including in home improvement and building blueprints.

Creating Open Floor Plans/Outdoor Spaces

Open floor plans seem to be the most favorable choice among new and existing homeowners. Getting rid of hallways and walls are leaving rooms more spacious and airy, which helps to produce areas that feel much larger. In addition, people are opting to merge their indoor and outdoor living spaces into one. Larger garages are being built and equipped with many of the things you would find in a living or family room, and transitional indoor/outdoor sun decks allow families to enjoy the best of both worlds. Having modified spaces like this provides extra room to congregate in and adds value and comfort to any home.

Owning a home gives you the opportunity to make changes and improvements as you see fit. If this is the year you decide to design or remodel, be sure to talk with your Redding contractor about possible trends that might be exactly the kind of idea you’re looking for.